About Us

Trust. Transparency. Honesty.

The Artisan brand was born in 1972 when my father, Larry Davis, opened Artisan Glass Works in the garage behind his apartment in downtown Sacramento. From very humble beginnings, he built a successful business that eventually became known as one of the finest architectural glass firms on the West Coast.

From a young age, my father instilled in me the value of hard work, honesty, integrity, and the golden rule. As I grew, I spent many summers and school breaks working at the “shop” (as we affectionally called it), and I had the opportunity to witness him treat his clients and employees with the very same values he worked so hard to impart on me.

When my father passed away in 2006, the Artisan brand went with him. Being fresh out of high school, I didn’t have the means, the business acumen, or the artistic vision to continue his legacy. However, when I founded my tax and bookkeeping practice in 2020, I chose to revive the Artisan name as a tribute to my dad. And, though the focus of my business is totally different than his, our core values are very much the same – Trust. Transparency. Honesty.

-Neal S. Davis, President/CEO

How We Can Help

Small businesses demand the attention of their owner. Let us take care of the arduous, back-end office work, and instead devote your valuable time and energy to strategizing, marketing, and core business needs.

Get your weekends back! There is no need to spend your evenings and weekends sorting through receipts, bookkeeping, invoicing clients, and doing your own tax preparation. Reclaim your evenings and weekends. Done!

As a small business owner, it’s often difficult to maintain the “big picture,” when you’re focused on the day-to-day. We keep an eye on your books and provide monthly reporting to show how well you’re doing each month.

Between traveling, keeping business moving forward, and putting out the daily fires that pop up, something most likely gets left out along the way – often bills or invoices. We can take care of your accounts payable (your bills) and your accounts receivable (your invoices) and let you focus on your business.

Paying taxes isn’t enjoyable. However, getting slapped with penalties or an audit is the worst. We’ll help you maintain copious records, keep your books current, and ensure that you don’t have any surprises come tax time. Need help with your taxes? We’ll help with that, too!

Sometimes running a business feels like living on an island – you do so much on your own. We’re here for you. Ask questions! And if we don’t know the answer, we have a network of highly qualified accountants, attorneys, benefits specialists, Realtors, tax professionals, and wealth managers that we can connect you with.

Swimming in a sea of paper? Stop searching. We consolidate all your critical business data into a simple, easy-to-understand system so that you don’t have to look for it. We track bills, payments, invoices, and, yes, inventory. Old school and prefer paper? We get it. We’ll assist in creating a system to manage that, too.

Meticulous, current records will help you avoid audits, late bills, unpaid invoices, human errors, tax penalties, and cash flow issues.

Our clients love us

I have been working with Artisan Strategic Advisors for just over one year, and it has completely transformed my business. Neal and his team are true professionals and ensure that they have the time for each and every one of my questions. Neal took the time to take an in depth look at my situation and suggest changes to help me save more, and make more money. Working with Artisan Strategic Advisors was a turning point for my business.

Thank you for the help! To be honest, just in our short transaction for 2020, it has already been easier and more informative than my last two CPAs. This is good; I feel confident forming the new business with your help.

We’ve had past advisors that took a week or more to respond to questions, making running our businesses really difficult. Neal is very available and responsive, making him a pleasure to work with!


What an amazing service that Artisan provides. Neal is extremely knowledgeable, professional, and a pleasure doing business with. They have helped my business from start to expansion!

Neal Davis is the holy grail we have been searching for for many years. Very responsive, knowledgeable, and detail-oriented, not to mention fun, and a great guy to boot. 5 stars is not enough.

Neal and his team are great! They had an open line of communication for any questions we had regarding our taxes, and they were very flexible in scheduling chats and phone calls. Neal was very informative and addressed all of the concerns and uncertainties in our changing taxes for this year. We will definitely reach out in future tax seasons!

Kyle K. San Francisco, CA

Brittney R. Winchester, CA

Eric V. Auburn, CA

Tyler D. Roy, WA

Krista V. Soda Springs, CA

Donnie S. Sacramento, CA